YARA is an electronic musician from Russia who works in different styles like ambient, noise, experimental.  He started out as a DJ and gradually moved to a personal sound, what is intended not for many, but for every person. Under this name produced works such as: “with closed eye”, released on PICPAC, “Eternal Sadness” released on DEDPOP, “On the Other Side of Autumn” released for Elpamusic, as well as some tracks for compilation, album and podcasts. When creating his own music, he uses field recordings in symbiosis with sampled live instruments, electrical generators and software. YARA is also an artist in the field of abstract painting and drawing.

Doc neo
Cookie Snap
les mistfront
Robot Kaard-Overtime Front(2010)-1
Robot Kaard
Franz front
Franz Rosati
Precocious Mouse
saund iconfront
Zeta Bass
Tobias front
Tobias Faar