(#) – Real Fonderia alla Cala (Ex Fonderia Oretea) – Piazza Fonderia Palermo – (#)

(§) – Border Line – Piazzetta Tarzanà (dietro la Fonderia) – (§)

tutti gli eventi e le lezioni sono ad ingresso libero / all events and lectures are free of charge

Giovedì 12 Dicembre

(#) h:16.00/19.00 :: Lectures

Cat Hope : “Drawing the Tape: graphic notations for electronic music” more
Domenico Sciajno: “Graphic Notation for roots of the creative process” more

(§) h:19.00/21.30 :: Live A/V performance

Gandolfo Pagano& Eldo Lauriano: electronics, prepared guitar and clarinet

(#) h:21.30/24.00 :: Live A/V performances

Camillo Amalfi & Empirical Evidence, Plays “Vito Acconci “
Empirical Evidence: “ETHER VOYAGE #2 – conjecture on number station”
Akamoi & BinaryCodedBrain: death ambient performance

(§) h:24.00/03.00 :: Live dj-Set

Kain-A : new wave


Venerdì 13 Dicembre

(#) h:16.00/19.00 :: Lectures and Video Screenings

Canecapovolto:“Shooting, storytelling, reconstruction and deconstruction of sound” more
Sicily Δ Lapse video screening

(§) h:19.00/21.30 :: Live A/V Performance


(#) h:21.30/24.00 :: Live A/V performances

Cat Hope: solo bass noise performance
Domenico Sciajno: live electronics performance
Cat Hope & Domenico Sciajno: Live impro performance

(§) h:24.00/03.00 :: Live dj-Set

N’Hash & Sud MC: Electro break beat


Sabato 14 Dicembre

(§) h:19.00/21.30 :: Live A/V performance


(#) h:21.30/24.00 :: Live A/V performances

Michele Solinas
Federico Nitti & Roberto Crippa: Outrenoir live
Mirco Magnani & Federico Nitti: live electroacoustic duo

(§) h:24.00/03.00 :: Live dj-Set

A.D.E. – Ain’t Dead Enough : shitechtrostep

Dottor Poison & Under Beat Effect (from DNB ATTACK): B2B – 4 DECKS SET!



::you’ll walk 45 meters from Real Fonderia to Border Line and viceversa :: don’t worry:: it worth it:: and you’ll burn fat!

Domenico Sciajno
DJ Balli
Sicily Δ Lapse
empirical evidence front
Empirical Evidence
Static Waves
Paolino Canzoneri
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