Brusio Netlabel is trying to build a collaborative connection inside the webaudio community among the Netlabels that share our same approach to free music and to electronic arts in general.

We hope that all the Netlabels in line with our idea of cooperation, will feel free to contact us if they are interested in activities of various kinds: Netlabels’ gatherings, gigs, exibitions, live improv, compilations exchanges, festivals, workshops and so on… Make your proposal!


Contact us at : info[at]brusionetlabel[dot]net





 Stochastic Resonance

Stochastic Resonance is a network of electronic artists focused on research and experimentation of new forms of communication through multimedia, proposing an augmented perception of the artwork through a mix of different contributions.

As it occurs in the physical phenomenon, from which SR takes its name, the addition of noise (the non-signal for excellence) to a low level signal, is able to increase radically the comprehensibility and the acquisition of the whole informational content in order to reach a more complete, mature and deep perception of arts.
info&contact – stochastic[dot]resonance[dot]label[at]gmail[dot]com





Nephogram starts in 2007 as an independent label publishing electronic music without generes constrains going from digital improvisation, glitch/step, acousmatic and electroacoustic music to soundscape composition. Throughout years Nephogram extends his own fields of interest becoming a container for creative forms like photography, visual-art, interactive installations, sound-art and music. Nowadays Nephogram is a collective that explores the melting between those different languages with the aim to produce a catalogue of contemporary documents across avantgarde, pop culture and the use new technologies.

info&contact – info[at]nephogram[dot]net






HAZE is an independent and non-commercial netlabel based in Belarus. We present experimental and avant-guard music. HAZE takes into consideration any manifestations of contemporary non-commercial music.

info&contact –[at]gmail[dot]com





Sostanze Records

Its main purpose is the production and distribution, thanks to Creative Commons licenses, of self-produced AudioVideo material through its own portal.

Our goal is to collaborate with those who have the facilities and the desire to build a solid foundation for long-term project with the intention of creating a healthy and productive community of people who believe in copyleft and in independent production, by the mean of meetings dedicated to the use and the research of publishable material.

info&contact – sostanzerecords[at]sostanze[dot]it






Kopp is a netlabel dedicated to realising dark-ambient atmospheric and underground electronic music. All kopp releases are available for free download in320 kbps MP3 format, under Creative Commons license.

info&contact – koppnetlabel[at]gmail[dot]com




PAPRooTA dUb NetLabel is an online publishing stable which assembles dub artists (in the full sense of the word). Dub is a specific way of creating the sound, in which dubmasters mainly focus on the rhythm – bass, drums, percussions. A characteristic feature of dub is the creation of space, gained by analogue or digital devices like delay or reverb. Our netlabel is a kind of gat e for those who produce high-level dub music and those who are interested in it, or would like to become. Shortly writing, the former shares their works among the latter.

info&contact – paproota[at]gmail[dot]com




Silent Flow

Founded in 2009 with the only goal to promote artists who release their works under CC license. There are 2 types of releases: SLNT – Albums, EPs of a certain artist and BRE (Bezdna Radio Essentials) – compilations of selected tracks previously released on other netlabels.
Almost all tracks from the releases can be heard on our own internet radio station: Bezdna Radio

(, which is our supporting background from the moment of foundation.

info&contact – label[at]silent[dot]com[dot]md






Stato Elettrico

Stato Elettrico is an Italian netlabel for electronic music, based in Rome. We start our activity in January 2010 after a long militancy in the underground scene of our city. Our goal is to promote and distribute independent artists with whom to cooperate and create new partnerships

info&contact – info[at]statoelettrico[dot]net





Spettro Records

Spettro Records is a small independent label from Bologna, Italy. It welcomes everyone’s music, videos, writings, everything that springs from souls, regardless of style, ideology and faith. Everything is released under Creative Commons, believing that a free circulation of souls should never be ostracized. If you agree to this, please visit our site and contribute, however your contribution may be.
info&contact – info[at]spettrorec[dot]com







Nostress Netlabel

Nostress Netlabel [an independent Palermo (Italy) based music net label established in 2011] develops its activity away from multi-national corporations with the purpose to produce and promote music unrelated to commercial circuits. This netlabel listens to and considers only original and unreleased complete albums related to psychedelic, space / post rock, electronic and electroacoustic derived from scenarios as possible experimental and abstract. Nostress Netlabel is a netlabel that offers music online primarily in a digital format as MP3 with Creative Commons License. Nostress Netlabel is totally self-funded and welcomes donations of money solely to cover expenses and operating costs. For the same reasons and demands, in agreement with the artists, musical tracks can be recorded on media such as Cdr / MiniCD / Vinyl in limited editions available previous donation maintaining equally the same CC license. Nostress Netlabel also periodically offers promotion for some artists, giving them the opportunity to perform live impro in theatres, pubs and/or cultural, historical and tourist places in order to enhance skills and abilities and obtaining greater visibility. In addiction, this netlabel can also participate as “media partner” to musical and cultural events through the use of own web spaces and equipments for the spread of the artists information and the promotions of the events themselves and in addiction the diffusion of the music catalogs online.







Batenim Netlabel

This netlabel listens to and considers only original and unreleased meditative, relaxing, dreamy ambient music; soundscape for indefinite and abstract places. Organic, ethereal, and mind altering; full sensory immersion music projects where the expressive power lies in the ability to create surreal atmospheres. batenim netlabel music have the power to immerse listeners in a surreal atmosphere, one that has the power to separate the mind from the body. Research and inspiration for the indefinite and infinite sound ‘extended and expanded’ lost in the vastness of the spaces to become intense and deep as soundscape music is or labeled as articulated by harmonic noise and environmental sounds (field recordings); experimental ambient for musicians/non-musicians and estimators of generative music using most important programs in the network. The artists involved, in their own way, must be capable of this.



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