MainOFF 2015

MainOFF 2015, Festival of Electronic Arts, will take place in Palermo on December 10-11-12 and will host many international electronic musicians devoted to experimental sound and to decomposition of the entertainment concept.  During the three days will perform: Senking (historical name on Raster-Noton Label), Valerio Tricoli (settled in Monaco and considered one of most important musician of the last years), Laurent Durupt (eclectic composer from France), Sean Derrick Coooper Marquardt (guitarist, from Chicago and protagonist, in Germany, of Echtzeitmusik-Scene), Go-Dratta (Palermo), Oreinoi (Roma), Rav-N (Torino), A.F.R.O.R.E. (Piacenza), Camillo Amalfi (Palermo), Alessandra Zerbinati (Ferrara), Marco Musumeci (Palermo), dj Eraser (Palermo) and many others. The MainOFF’s leitmotiv is the experimentation and the musical style ranges from contemporary classical to industrial, drone-muzak, IDM, glitch, ambient. The festival will also host the installation of Benjamin-Novalis Hofmann.



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Mainoff 2015
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