about us
We are an independent label that produces music in the range of some of the many branches that electronic music offers: from IDM and Ambient, through industrial, noise and glitchy sounds, to the more “weird” music fields. One of our missions is the enhancement of that music often generated by non-conventional tools, obtained with any device and/or technological system able to produce or record sounds. Another goal is to offer a platform from which music coming from those who often only play in their rooms, and therefore have fewer chances to be heard, can be spread.
collaboration & editorial policy
We have a cooperative approach with our artists: the publication of a release should be a starting step and not the arrival point into the Brusio Family. We do expect, and warmly recommend, to be contacted by you (also) with proposals beyond the music’s publication. Furthermore it could be possible to be contacted by Brusio’s staff, according with your skills, time availability and of course, your pleasure, to write a review, an article, or to perform a gig. Every proposal, suggestion and advice is welcome.

We release only inedited tracks and/or albums (this means that the track must be “never heard before” on any website or label). We don’t publish single albums, but EPs (about 20 minutes long) or LPs (over 20 minutes). Also, we occasionally produce live-set recordings.

Brusio chooses the Creative Commons license 3 unported. This is done to offer royalty-free musical productions, avoiding the tragicomic cage of copyright. Further, we try to undertake tasks that are beyond the mere production of music, ensuring the organization of events in the context of which, Brusio’s artists can present their work in a suitable A/V setting. Brusio also organizes workshops and festivals for the expansion of the various instruments related to the creation of electronic music.
demo policy
You can start the demo submission after contacting us at:
This should be done using a server based file-transfer system (such as Yousendit or Mediafire). The files have to be AIFF or WAV, on a sample rate of at least 44.1 kHz and recorded at 16 bits. The files should be labelled following the convention: number_nameoftheartist_nameofthetrack.aiff/wav. We use this convention in order to make the browsing and listening of files easier. In addition, you can send us your work through Soundcloud’s Dropbox (after emailing us).