HzHzHz is Cat Hope (bass guitar and analogue electronics) and Tristen Parr (cello and digital electronics). Based in Western Australia, this improvisation duo brings together the range of very different practices covered by these two artists – noise, experimental classical and pop  – creating a dense exploration of the possibilities for low frequency sound colour. The collaboration developed from within new music ensemble Decibel, where they performed as a duo in the groups interpretation of John Cage’s “Variations VI”.

Their self titled debut album was released in December 2013 on Italian Brusio Netlabel. Artwork by Mathew Hunt. Mixed and mastered by Stuart James at Soundfield Studio.

this is one of the more cohesive and enjoyable “pure noise” records I’ve heard in a long time – and a definitive refutation to anyone who says noise can’t be nuanced, heavy, beautiful, nasty, enjoyable and musical all at once ” Cool Perth Nights, Jan 15 2014

A disk of dark radical noise played in low, very low frequencies that create abyssal drones and ancestral visions

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