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Empirical Evidence is an Aldo Ammirata’s project based on the investigation of metaphysical sounds.

The results of field recordings and EVP paranormal investigations conducted in unusual and abandoned places are handled and processed and later syncretically associated with electro-acoustic instrument sounds of Western and Eastern Europe tradition: in order to obtain multifaceted and elusive compositions. The project is inspired by the work of Leif Elggren – CM Von Haussvolff (Elgaland-Vargaland), Nikola Tesla and Konstantin Raudive. Empirical Evidence has executed performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art ‘Rice’ (PA) – the Steri Palace, seat of the Rector (PA), Academy of Fine Arts ABADIR (CT) and at Festival “Scrusci” (TP). He has published for Brusio Netlabel, Misspelled Records, Nostress Netlabel and Radical Matters.


The MainOFF 2013 performance: ETHER VOYAGE #2 – conjecture on number station

The performance is inspired by recent studies conducted by Prof. E. Sarafin on the hypothesis of “abnormal” intrusion in the “number station” not encoded according to the Vernam Cipher.

Empirical Evidence è un progetto di Aldo Ammirata basato sulla indagine di suoni metafisici.

I risultati di “field recording” ed investigazioni paranormali EVP condotte in luoghi inusuali ed abbandonati vengono manipolati processati e successivamente connessi sincreticamente con suoni di strumenti elettroacustici della tradizione occidentale ed orientale: nell’intento di ottenere composizioni di carattere poliforme ed elusivo. Il progetto trae ispirazione dall’opera di Leif Elggren – C.M. Von Haussvolff (Elgaland-Vargaland) Nikola Tesla e Konstantin Raudive. Empirical Evidence ha eseguito performance al Museo d’arte contemporanea ‘Riso’ (PA) – al Palazzo Steri, sede del Rettorato (PA), Accademia di Belle Arti ABADIR (CT) ed al Festival “Scrusci” (TP). Ha pubblicato per Brusio Netlabel, Misspelled Records, Nostress Netlabel e Radical Matters.


La performance per MainOFF 2013: ETHER VOYAGE #2 – conjecture on number station

La performance trae spunto da recenti studi condotti dal Prof. E. Sarafin sulla ipotesi di intrusioni “anomale” nelle “number station” non codificabili secondo il Cifrario di Vernam.







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