FRANZ ROSATI [website \\ facebook]
Sound and media artist, focus his research on real-time A/V, Visual Music projects and installations following an aesthetic idea based on discontinuity of aural and visual patterns avoiding any kind of repetition through the use of chaos mathematics, generative and stochastic processes. He uses his own custom made software developed in Max/MSP for real-time micro- montage and sound elaboration in the microscopic time scale to realize compositions and performances based on aural and visual matter’s costant metamorphosis.

During the years, Franz Rosati has played in a large number of electroacoustic projects such as Franco Ferguson improvisors collective, Meccanica Ferma, Solderwire, Gridshape, developing his own approach to electroacoustic improvisation. In 2007 founded Nephogram [contemporary documents] collectives with Stefano Pala a.k.a. UKQWJB.

PETRA FLURR [website \\ facebook]
He/she/it, consider himself as a provocateur and a self-destroyer. Starting doing music back in the 1996 with experimental music, collaborating with different artist between Berlin and London and arriving in the more trasgressive club in Madrid on 2003. This new Persona born with the name Petra Flurr is a sick activist that search the difference in everything, or better said, fighting against the cruelness of music nowadays. Son of a early feminist and activist woman that fights against the rights of genders and humans, Petra Flurr stepped into her idols heels, like his mother was. With a big influence from the latest 70’s and the early 80’s music, (synth, Neue Deutsche Welle, post-punk) he is also an organizer of few parties like “Behind Bars” in London and official organizer and promoter for the “Berlin Queer Festival”.

This ugly character, irreverent and a little bit trash, leaves room at a coarse post-punk fun load of 8-bit music! Do not miss it!

TOBIAS FAAR [website \\ facebook]
Experimental and ambient electronic music artist. During the past years he started to use his own nature field-recordings, because nature is the biggest source of influence in his creation. In his live performances he always improvise with electronic sonorities, sounds effecting and high frequencies: one of his favourite live performance method. Also, he always takes objects from the domestic environment: cups, plates, glass vases. Useful everyday’s sound objects.

MONOIZ [website]
Solo project of Luca Moni. Born and raised in Florence, after a past as punk/hardcore guitarist, since the mid-90s he became interested in electronic music. Currently the music of Monoiz is not definable in a single genre, the tracks and the live-set range from Glitch, IDM, ambient, up to a contaminated deep and minimal techno. The continuous search for new sounds and experimentation, samples of sounds and noises coming from the reality that surrounds us: these are the elements that make Monoiz constantly changing.

DR.Lr [website]
Electronic duo composed by Danilo Romancino and Luca Rinaudo. Danilo and Luca comes from the musical experience of the electronic trio NINO, along with Salvo Cascio, with particular influences from computer music and musique concrete to classical one (like Parmegiani, Stockhausen, Schaeffer, Wishart, etc.) and more experimental like IDM (Alva Noto Fennesz, To Rococo Rot and others). DR.LR. represent the urge to merge the prior knowledge more engaged, with the modern dance genres. It is the fusion of beats electro/fidget with drones and rugs made with applications such as Csound or Max/MSP. Glitch madness and bouncy microbeat with the bases on “four-four time” of old the electro/house beats or electro/new wave.

As if Sakamoto, Bob Sinclair and Anthony Rother became agree after a first enjoyable listening of Oren Ambarchi and then Public Enemy.


Luca Rinaudo [website \\ facebook]
Sound designer & dirty beats composer.


ntonio Cusimano [ facebook \\ website]
Multimedia graphic designer interested in visual searching and programming since 2006. He is also a founder of the box36 project where carries its technical and artistical developement out since 2007.


Leila Bahlouri [facebook]
Singer and songwriter with background among jazz and folk music, after her music studies Leila has developed a strong interest in experimental sounds mixed with her main influences. She is now working on her first solo project.

At the present time, she is involved as live visual performer in Pathline #1, an audiovisual live-set developed by Franz Rosati and inspired by Leila’s drawings, transposed in generative graphic structures.

ita – eng

J-tronica [website]
J-tronica is one of the musical project of Givanni Tripi (Palermo, 1980) already percussionist in several Palermo’s bands. Since 2001, he dedicated to testing and use various musical instruments in an unconventional manner, synthesized sounds and laptops. Between 2004 and 2008 he worked inside the project Stalkernoiser and in 2008, plays bass with the studio project Stasi. He one of the of the “Independent Electronic Music Congress” held from 2006 to 2009 in Palermo. His music is a mix of industrial and drone-noise sounds, mixed with samples ambient sounds and various noises.

Technical tools and “in general” our shelf marck in the social totality gives conditions of production music and figurative of the excess development and rhizomatons, by using technological and never be over whelmed, painting and music become a combination more than conventional through which the music is interpreted and designed in a process “sound-creative-extemporaneous:


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