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The situation is desperate, anything is possible
Date of Release – 22.1.13

Format – FILE, mp3

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Starting from the not orthodox use of the instruments from John Cage, we decided to  approach his musical philosophy in relation to the deep involvement of the observer through a creation of two-and three-dimensional virtual reality considered as a virtual instrument preparation. What lies the basis of this concept is a pure random experiment, that is to say we set the rules, however, without restraining the experimentation that distinguished Cage. In addition to the instrument prepared for Visual Media we decided to separate audio from our natural environment, that each component of the group has created a sound basis on which to experience live. Each of us will affect these instruments by making an individual contribution, thus realizing from time to time a relationship between unusual sound and improvisation. As regards the visual support, we start from the first act, where a microscopic world will run its life cycle in an accelerated time changed by man but with a life governed only by chance and it will reach the third and final act where the public, through the vision of Rorschach inkblots created and superimposed randomly, you will face in the mirror of the psyche. The intent of the experiment is to bring the viewer with the reality of the facts from the microcosm to the unconscious through a deeper vision of himself and his surroundings.



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